For decades thousands of users have counted on HORMOCENTA.

Our skincare products represent intensive and effective care for mature skin.
The innovative active “Phyto-Agent-Complex“ revolutionises our approved formulas in anti-aging skin care. Best quality and effectiveness of our ingredients are especially important to us.

The majority of our facial skin care products are water-oil based emulsions. They are liposoluble as is our skin’s lipid film, enabling the ingredients to reach deep into our
skin and provide stronger care properties.

Our skincare lines are suitable for every skin type as we provide a range of
rich to light textured products.

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We would like to provide advice with our guide.

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The innovative ’Phyto-Agent-Complex‘ has a unique combination of Red Clover  and Black cohash. This has been proven to combat the signs of early skin aging, stimulate the skin’s own collagen production, give moisture and retain the skin’s elasticity.

Red clover is considered to be one of the most richest nutrient sources for phytohormones and grows in our home country. Studies conducted by Austrian scientists state that red clover influences skin density and in the consequence skin appearance. It also protects you against UV-light.

Black cohash originates from in North America and is known for its healing properties. The extracts taken from the root stimulate the skin´s own hyaluronic acid production. This in turn helps to keep the skin moisturized.