Hya Activ + Boost Gel

Hyaluron activator with seaweed complex and ginger extract.


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Moisturizing additional care for your skin.

It’s been hard to imagine the beauty market without HORMOCENTA for decades: having specialized in rich care for the older generation for a long time, we have used our experience to make our expertise accessible to all other skin types. This is how our Hydra Care series was created – and with it our innovative hyaluronic activator, which helps your skin to relax and regenerate. Combined with other Hydra Care products, you can pamper your dry skin with comprehensive moisturizing care and modern ingredients that leave it looking fresh and youthful.

Intensive moisture with anti-aging effect– Hya Active as a beauty boost.

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substance that is important for various functions within our body. Its role as a supporting component of the connective tissue is particularly visible – the polysaccharide is responsible for firm, smooth skin. At the same time, hyaluronic acid has strong water-binding properties, which is why it also helps maintain skin moisture. HORMOCENTA Hya Aktiv takes advantage of these special features of the active ingredient and combines them with an antioxidant complex of wakame algae and ginger extract to create an effective beauty boost against dry skin, fine lines and wrinkles. The result? Intensive hydration of the skin down to the deeper layers of the skinSupports skin regeneration thanks to ginger extractHolistic anti-aging effect through the combination of effective active ingredientsWrinkles caused by dryness and fine lines are reliably plumped upStimulating the skin’s own production of hyaluronic acid and elastinPrevents premature, light-induced skin aging.

Your extra portion of moisture for every day with Hya Aktiv.

As an additional step in your skin care routine, HORMOCENTA Hya Aktiv gives your complexion a healthy glow and provides it with long-lasting moisture. To do this, apply a small amount of Hya Aktiv to your face, neck and décolleté after your daily cleansing and work it in in gentle circular movements. Thanks to its light, gel-like texture, our Hya Aktiv is absorbed immediately so you can start your day quickly. For additional moisture, you can also spray the skin with a nourishing facial toner. Afterwards, you simply continue with your usual care – for example with other products from our Hydra Care range or our regenerative restorative care HORMOCENTA Intense.

Effektive Pflege für trockene Haut:
Das ist HORMOCENTA Hya Aktiv

Heizungsluft im Winter, die falsche Pflege oder einfach genetische Veranlagung – trockene, spannende Haut kann jeden von uns treffen. Mit Hya Aktiv machst du es dir besonders einfach, ihr zu geben, was sie in diesem angreifbaren, empfindlichen Zustand benötigt: Ein hochwirksamer Komplex aus hochmolekularer und quervernetzter Hyaluronsäure beruhigt deine Haut und spendet ihr tiefgehend Feuchtigkeit, Extrakte aus thailändischem Ingwer unterstützen ihre Regeneration. Zusätzlich schützt ein Wirkstoffkomplex aus Seealgen deine Haut vor freien Radikalen. Rundum geschützt und bestens mit Feuchtigkeit versorgt kann deine Haut so ihr schönstes Strahlen zeigen – und das jeden Tag!

HORMOCENTA Hya Aktiv – jetzt Hydra Care entdecken!

Auch, wenn sich Kosmetikhersteller regelmäßig mit neuen Wirkstoffen überbieten: An die feuchtigkeitsspendende Wirkung von Hyaluronsäure kommt so schnell nichts heran. Aus diesem Grund ist sie der Star unserer Hya Aktiv Pflege – mit ihrem aufpolsternden Duo-Hyaluron-Komplex werden Fältchen in kürzester Zeit aufgefüllt und die hauteigene Produktion von Hyaluronsäure stimuliert. Für einen gesund strahlenden Teint und ein erfrischtes, glattes Hautgefühl!



The HORMOCENTA Hydra Care Hya Boost contains a particularly high concentration of high molecular hyaluronic acid. The duo hyaluronic complex and hexapeptide-8 plumps up the skin from the inside and makes it appear fresher and younger. The formation of wrinkles is reduced and the skin is intensively supplied with an extra portion of moisture. For a radiantly beautiful, well-groomed complexion.

  • Glycerin and hyaluronic acid immediately provide intense moisture
  • Seaweed extract (Wakame) protects the cells from free radicals
  • Ginger extract from Thai ginger activates the skin’s own formation of hyaluronic acid and thus reduces the appearance of wrinkles
  • A combination of three innovative anti-aging active ingredients prevents light-induced premature skin ageing

Apply Hya Aktiv evenly to the face, neck and chest area daily following your cleansing regimen. Massage in gently.

Aqua/Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract, Cetyl Diglyceryl Tris (Trimethylsiloxy) Silylethyl Dimethicone, Caprylyl Methicone, C30-45 Alkyl Cetearyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Sodium Chloride, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Alpinia Galanga Leaf Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Hexadecene, Potassium Sorbate, Parfum, Potassium Hydrolyzed Polygamma-Glutamate, Sodium Polyglutamate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Phenoxyethanol, Cetyl Hydroxyethylcellulose, Undaria Pinnatifida Extract, Polyglucuronic Acid, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Sodium Benzoate, Lecithin, Tocopherol

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